Wild Car Crash in North York

Defensive driving tactics and general common sense and prudence driving can go a long way towards avoiding motor vehicle accidents and injuries. But, sometimes there’s really no way you can prepare yourself for what might happen.

A recent spectacular car crash was caught on surveillance video tape and made the rounds of social media. As horrified bystanders looked on, a car crashed through a gas station fence near Leslie and York Mills Road. The video records as the car becomes airborne before crashing right through the garage’s plate glass window. It was only stopped when it crashed into a steel beam inside the shop.

The driver, a male, was rushed to hospital with serious injuries and police are speculating that he simply confused the gas and brake pedals.

Anything Can and Does Happen

In this case, the driver himself was the only one injured – luckily. The flying car actually missed the bystanders and all the other cars parked in the lot. In many instances, however, people aren’t so lucky when cars – or rather their drivers – go out of control. Pedestrians and cyclists are at risk along with other drivers on the road.

  • You may be prepared but inexperienced drivers, drunk drivers, distracted drivers – all of these may cross your path at any time.

When an accident happens, what can you do? The only way to protect yourself after the fact is with sound legal advice. When you or a loved one is injured in a motor vehicle accident, you need someone in your corner to make sure your rights are respected and that you receive any compensation, benefits and other help that you are entitled to.

We Can Help

That’s where we come in. If you’ve been in a car accident let our experienced motor vehicle accident lawyers help you sort through the issues at a difficult time and make sure your interests are protected by determining the real causes of the crash.

Call us (905) 949-9433 for a free consultation with an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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