Three Car Crashes a Minute: Winter Road Safety Reminder

This winter, the GTA got its first real blast of winter in early December when a heavy snowfall and winds combined to make the morning commute a challenging one, especially in regions just outside Toronto city proper such as Durham, Peel and Hamilton/Burlington Regions.

High jinks caused by the weather included a car that crashed through the window of a drugstore and a couple of school buses that ended up off the road and in the ditch. Luckily no one was seriously injured in those incidents but police figures put the incidence of car crashes at about one every three minutes across the city during those morning commuting hours – that’s about double the usual rate.

Play it Safe

While no one was seriously hurt in those examples, clearly the potential is there for serious injuries and even long term disability when drivers are out of control of their vehicles on such a large scale. While we’ve built our reputation on helping motor vehicle accident and other personal injury victims – we’d much rather that you stay safe and healthy. We know that you’ve heard many of these tips before, but doesn’t it seem like every winter, everyone’s forgotten them all?

  • Slow down – this is easily the best piece of advice and one that could save your car and even your life. Driving at a reasonable speed with the surrounding traffic is the best way to avoid problems. Yes, this will mean a longer commute so allow yourself that extra time.
  • Public transit – stay off the roads and leave the driving to someone else. The GTA is serviced by an extensive network of public transit systems and most of the usual objections –it’s inconvenient, it takes longer – are rendered moot by the prospect of bumper to bumper traffic on the highway.
  • Winter tires – yes, they do make a difference. They’re essential, especially if you commute. Make sure they are properly inflated and never mix radial tires with other types of tires.
  • Have at least half a tank of gas in your car and your emergency supplies on hand – blankets, matches, First Aid kit.
  • If you become snowbound, stay with your vehicle. The chances are much greater of you keeping at least somewhat warm and it’s where searchers will look. There have been many instances of people who’ve left their vehicles in search of help and succumbed to exposure to the cold.

Looking Out For You

If you’ve been in a car accident let our experienced motor vehicle accident lawyers help you sort through the issues at a difficult time and make sure your interests are protected too.

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