The NFL in ‘Denial’ About Long Term Disability Claims

Some professions are prone to injury, it’s true, and despite the fact that it may seem obvious to a casual observer, you’ll find that insurance companies may still deny resulting disability claims. Most people envy the life of an NFL football player – including a multi-million dollar salary and all the perks. Still, it’s a demanding lifestyle physically and many players pay a price that all the money in the world can’t put right.

The NFL is currently in a state of denial itself about the risk of brain injury to players, particularly its long term effects. After insisting for years that there was no link between playing football and long term brain damage, its retirement board recently awarded disability payments to at least three former players. The decisions clearly acknowledged the link between football and the debilitating results of brain injury even as the League itself still denies it.

Resistance to Workplace Issues

No matter what your profession, it’s very common for insurers to be reluctant to acknowledge and pay claims for long term disability that results from working conditions. They fear opening up a proverbial floodgate of similar suits. A class action lawsuit in the NFL case represents some 4,000 former players – lending some credence to that fear.

Nonetheless, if you’ve been injured on the job or off, the responsibility of an insurer is to compensate you as the insured. In the case of LTD there are other complications:

  • The injury has occurred some time ago so there may be little remaining evidence or documentation
  • Symptoms of disability may not even present themselves until much later, after an accident or exposure to a situation like a work environment

You need help!

It can get complicated. Whether your claim is being filed with a private insurance company as part of an employee group benefits program or with Canada Pension Plan (CPP), you need someone on your side who knows how to navigate the legal terrain of LTD (or long term disability) claims. At Petrillo Law, we understand that you are not only dealing with your health issues, but you are also concerned with being able to meet your financial obligations.

If Your Long Term Disability Claim is Turned Down

If you have made a claim under your LTD policy and have been turned down, don’t panic. Many claimants are turned down initially only to have the insurance company pay out as stated in the policy on appeal or as directed by a judge.  You need sound and proven legal representation.

At Petrillo Law, we work on behalf of injured people to get them the compensation they deserve. As experienced disability insurance lawyers, we understand the pain and uncertainty that comes with being injured. We have successfully recovered damages on behalf of hundreds of slip and fall victims throughout Mississauga, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Ontario. And we can help you too. Call us today at (905) 949-9433 for a free consultation.

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