Stolen Motor Vehicle Accident Injures Three

A recent car accident made headlines in the Toronto area when it was revealed that the drivers were three joy-riding teens. They were driving a stolen black Ford pick-up truck the wrong way down a street in Oshawa when they hit three pedestrians.

At the time, the vehicle was being pursued by police, who had been called in to investigate reports of a truck driving erratically. A 13-year old was said to be the driver, the two other occupants aged 13 and 15; all charged with car theft and more, the driver facing a slew of charges stemming from the incident.

The Victims

But what about the victims, who all suffered serious injuries as a result? When an accident occurs between licensed and insured drivers, we understand the usual routes to follow to claim for personal injuries or property damage. But when a bunch of drunk kids steal a car and crash it – what’s the legal recourse?

It’s true that a case like this one can get very complex. It may involve protracted wrangling between insurance companies and individual plaintiffs for months or years before any decision is made as to who is ultimately liable for your injuries.

There may also be other issues at play, like inadequate lighting or visibility, poor signage or other factors that can contribute to an accident.  In some cases, a responsible party may never be found – but there is always a legal recourse.

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund

The law provides for recourse for accident victims even when no responsible party is ever found or determined. The Motor Vehicle Accident Claims fund was set up to provide compensation for personal injury or property damage to victims involved in an automobile accident with an uninsured or unidentified driver or a stolen vehicle. It’s your last resort in a messy case like this one.

Your Time Is Limited

Not only can the issues involved in car accidents get complicated, but there is also the fact that you only have a limited time to make a claim.

  • Injuries may not present themselves right away, especially the soft tissue injuries that often result from motor vehicle accidents.

You need to contact a lawyer right away if you or your property has been the victim of an uninsured driver or any car accident. Your own legal representation will ensure that your interests are considered in any final arrangement.

We Can Help

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you owe it to yourself to get professional help.

We Focus On Car & Motor Vehicle Accidents

Petrillo Law has been providing competent, caring legal advice to car accident victims in Mississauga, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and across Ontario for over 20 years. We can evaluate a case to determine whether it meets the provincial threshold required to start a lawsuit as well as represent injured people who have been denied accident benefits by their own insurance company.

Call us today at (905) 949-9433 to schedule your free initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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