Ontario Government to Change Accident Benefits – Again

The Ontario provincial government under the ruling Liberal party is planning on making more changes to the Insurance Act when it comes to accident benefits and other coverage issues for automobile drivers.

Perhaps most disappointing is what they don’t plan on doing – which is mandating lower private passenger auto premium rates.

Among the major changes:

  • The standard benefit level under the province’s mandatory auto coverage for medical and rehabilitation benefits will be reduced to $65,000.
  • Attendant care benefits are now to be included in this maximum.

What does it mean?

Since 2010, under Ontario’s standard auto policy, accident victims have been entitled to up to $50,000 in benefits for medical and rehab services plus an additional $36,000 for attendant care. Remember now, those amounts were actually double prior to 2010.

  • Now, the government is putting all those benefits into one category with a cap of $65,000 – or $21,000 less than the previous maximums.

The definition of “catastrophic impairment” will be also changed. Mandatory $1 million coverage for catastrophic injuries will now include coverage for attendant care, medical and rehab services. As it stands now, the limits are $1 million for attendant care benefits plus another $1 million for medical and rehab benefits. In other words, they aim to cut those benefits in half.

Charles Sousa, Minister of Finance, had this to say in a press conference prior to tabling the budget, “Ontario is certainly one of the highest cost jurisdictions in North America for auto insurance claims. In fact, we are the only province that provides catastrophic coverage, which is expensive so we are going to continue doing that. We are modifying it somewhat.”

They also plan to mandate discounts for drivers who use winter tires.

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