Mystery Cause for Deadly Three-Car Accident

Two men were killed and two others injured in a recent motor vehicle accident just west of the GTA. The crash involved three cars and closed a section of highway 6 south of Hamilton for several hours.

The multi-vehicle accident happened early in the morning when one vehicle crossed the centre line and collided with a second vehicle on the other side. The third vehicle was traveling behind the second and smashed into the other two. The first car burst into flames. The drivers of the first two vehicles died as a result of their injuries – one on the scene – while the driver and passenger of the third vehicle suffered only minor injuries.

It’s a horrific accident to be sure. In an early newspaper report, an OPP spokesperson did not indicate any particular or suspected cause for the crash. However police did make one statement: “It appears the roads were reasonably dry at the time of the collision.”

Accidents and Causes

It’s telling that the police commented publicly on the state of the roads at the time. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, there can be many elements that contributed to the situation, including driver error, vehicle malfunctions and also the area where the crash occurred. If the road surface is very wet, icy and slippery, flooded or otherwise altered in such a way that compromises the ability to drive, then it’s something that needs to be taken into consideration. Other such details may include,

  • Visibility – is there a structure, tree or other object obscuring the view forwards?
  • Debris on the road – such as a tree trunk after a storm, garbage or other object.
  • Is the area well lit? Are some areas darker than others?
  • If there are factors that you think compromised your ability to drive, then you want to remember one thing: take pictures and video if applicable to help illustrate your point.

It Gets Complicated –Let Us Help

That’s where we come in. If you’ve been in a car accident let our experienced motor vehicle accident lawyers help you sort through the issues at a difficult time and make sure your interests are protected by determining the real causes of the crash.

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