Motor Vehicle Accident-Prone Areas

Some stretches of road have a bad history, places where there are repeated accidents that may be due to the topography, landscaping, road conditions or other factors – some of which are eminently preventable. A recent situation illustrates the problem.

Rosedale Valley Road

Two very serious motorcycle accidents occurred within two days on a stretch of Rosedale Valley Road near Bayview Avenue.

  • During the evening of May 7, a motorcycle hit a curb and struck a pole while travelling at high speed on Rosedale valley Road. Police are quoting witnesses who say speed was a factor in the accident, which threw the young driver and his passenger from the motorcycle. The driver died on the scene while the passenger was rushed to hospital with serious and life-threatening injuries, including a head injury. As a point of fact, the driver held only an M1 license – meaning he should have only been driving during the day and that he was not allowed to carry a passenger.
  • On the morning of May 9, a man’s motorcycle is said to have slipped and gone into the ditch. He was left with serious injuries and the road was closed briefly for the investigations.

It’s a stretch of road with gentle ups and downs and curves that makes it popular with motorcycle riders who enjoy the challenge. Unfortunately, it seems to tempt some of them to push the limits of what they can handle as riders. The stretch of road was also the scene of fatal accidents in 2010 and 2006.

“It’s fairly popular for motorcycles, because it’s nice and curvy. We tend to get wrecks on there on a fairly regular basis,” said Staff Sgt. Paul Bainard from Traffic Services.

It Gets Complicated

Between the two accidents mentioned in this post, there are several issues that would have to be considered along with driver error and fault. What if there is a third accident in this area this year?

  • What if the road is also at least somewhat to blame? 
  • Are there ways signage, cutting bushes and other relatively simple physical measures could have been taken to mitigate any hazards?
  • If the area is known to have a heightened risk of injury, is there any liability on the part of the municipality?

There are many issues to consider and in the case of pedestrian accidents, it gets even more complex.

We Can Help

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