Mental Health and Disability Claims in the Workplace

Federal Labour Minister Lisa Raitt, the Mental Health Commission of Canada, the Canadian Standards Association and Quebec’s standards development body (BNQ) launched an initiative in January that recognizes the importance of mental and psychological health issues in the workplace. The voluntary standards on psychological health and safety in the workplace look to put mental well-being on equal footing with physical well-being.

The move recognizes the fact that fully 20% of Canadians will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime and that mental illnesses and disabilities represent the fastest growing disability claim in the workplace (according to the Mental Health Commission).

It’s a good step and it should help a situation that currently often sees psychological issues disregarded and discounted until it’s too late to help. It also recognizes that the nature of a workplace itself may be the cause of psychological problems.

Disability Claims

When it comes to disability claims, mental and psychological issues can be among the hardest to “prove” to the satisfaction and criteria established by insurers. Other stressors and illness can lead to disability, of course, but when the main issue is the workplace itself, there will likely be even more resistance to the idea. Unlike many physical injuries or diseases, there are often no X-rays or lab tests that will “show” mental illness. But – that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, or that you’re not entitled to available disability benefits.

Disability – You need help!

Disability Claims can get very complicated. Whether your claim is being filed with a private insurance company as part of an employee group benefits program or with Canada Pension Plan (CPP), you need someone on your side who knows how to navigate the legal terrain of LTD (or long term disability) claims. At Petrillo Law, we understand that you are not only dealing with your health issues, but you are also concerned with being able to meet your financial obligations.

Many claimants are turned down initially only to have the insurance company pay out as stated in the policy on appeal or as directed by a judge.  You need sound and proven legal representation.

Get the Legal Representation You Need

Know your rights. Contact Petrillo Law today by calling (905) 949-9433 for a free consultation with an experienced disability lawyer. We look forward to hearing from you.

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