Many Still Reluctant to Claim Mental Health Related Disability

As a recent report in the Financial Post underlines, many disability insurance plans nowadays cover mental illnesses, but people are still reluctant to make a legitimate claim. The Mental Health Commission of Canada estimates that 20% of Canadians – or one in five – are affected by mental illness and that it costs $6 billion in lost productivity every year.

It’s no secret that the Industrial Era has given way to the Information Era. Abundant blue-collar factory jobs – where physical injuries were historically more common – have been replaced by sedentary desk-bound positions. We work with our brains and not our brawn now, so it’s only natural that illnesses and disabilities that arise from stress, anxiety and other mental strains should be on the rise.

Many employers also provide employee assistance plans (EAP) that can provide counselling to help people keep working through their difficulties. Mental health issues make up about 30% of long and short term disability claims.

Despite the available support, however, many people still fear the stigma of mental illness not only in the short term but also the residual effects on their career. In addition, many people may be apprehensive of the way their claim will be viewed.

We Can Help

We urge you to take advantage of whatever help is available if you find yourself unable to work because of mental health issues. You’re entitled to disability benefits and you may even encounter prejudice against the acceptance of a disability claim based on mental health issues. We can help.

Disability insurance is supposed to provide some financial security and peace of mind to people who are unable to work due to a medical condition. At Petrillo Law, we understand that you are not only dealing with your health issues, but you are also concerned with being able to meet your financial obligations.

If you qualify for a Disability Insurance Claim and your insurance company is denying your claim, you need sound and proven legal representation.

  • Petrillo Law can help. We are experienced disability lawyers who have been able to obtain favourable results for hundreds of disabled clients across Mississauga, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Ontario.

We Focus On You

Petrillo Law has been providing competent, caring legal advice when it comes to disability claims in Mississauga, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and across Ontario for over 20 years. We can evaluate a case to determine whether it meets the provincial threshold required to start a lawsuit as well as represent injured people who have been denied accident benefits by their own insurance company.

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