Horrific Multi-Vehicle Accident Shuts Down the Highway

Mangled cars and car parts were strewn over several lanes after a multi-car, multi-victim accident in the GTA recently. Five people were left hurt – two of them with life-threatening injuries – in a seven car pile-up on the 403 in Burlington, west of Toronto, in what started as a minor traffic accident.

A police officer and five other vehicles were pulled over to the right shoulder of the highway after a minor collision. As the officer stopped to take statements and investigate, another vehicle, an SUV that was passing on the highway, hit all five of the vehicles on the shoulder along with two more cars that were traveling down the road.

The two people who suffered life-threatening injuries were taken away by helicopter and the accident left the westbound lanes of Hwy. 403 closed for more than three hours as police investigated.

Watch That Shoulder!

You may be tempted to think that once you’ve pulled out of traffic, you’re safe on the side of the road. Not so! Many accidents occur in just the same way as this recent tragedy. Remember:

  • First, avoid stopping on the shoulder if you can help it at all.
  • If you have a flat tire, try to drive till the next exit if you can.
  • If you really have to stop, pull as far off the road as you are able to.
  • Put on your 4-way flashing lights and make yourself visible.
  • If you’re driving by someone who’s stopped, pull over into the next lane to give them space.

The road itself and the surroundings will play a role in whether or not oncoming motorists can see you and your car.

Stay safe!

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