Former Real Estate Manager Sues City of Oshawa for $1 Million – Including Breach of Contract

Employment contracts are something you need to consider when you take a contractual job offer. It’s not as pleasant a thought, but the termination of your employment may also be covered by a separate agreement.

A former city employee is suing the city of Oshawa for more than $1 million after an email detailing the circumstances of his termination was leaked. Along with breach of contract, Christopher Harper, who was the city’s real estate manager, is suing for negligence and breach of confidentiality.

When Mr. Harper left the position after two years, his settlement agreement included a confidentiality clause that bound both parties. After the email was leaked, there was online speculation that linked him to its contents and expanded to include discussions about his termination along with his involvement in the controversial land deal that many felt was behind his being let go.

He’s claiming the leak and all the online chatter have caused significant damage to his professional reputation along with other issues like psychological distress.

Termination Settlements

A termination settlement often acts as a separate contractual agreement between the soon-to-be-former employee and the employer.  It will most often include a confidentiality clause that acts in the best interests of both parties. Why you left a particular position is rarely something you’d want to be common knowledge and from the employer’s end, remaining employees may either be encouraged or demoralized to hear about the negotiations. Keeping it confidential is a win-win situation.

Get the Legal Representation You Need

Employment contracts of any kind can get complicated and you may not foresee the consequences of specific clauses.

  • If you’re involved in negotiating your termination, you need someone in your corner to look out for your interests.
  • Better yet – include a comprehensive termination clause in your initial employment contract so that nothing can come as a surprise when it’s time to end the agreement.

Know your rights. Contact the breach of contract lawyers at Petrillo Law today by calling (905) 949-9433.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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