First Safety Review of Waste & Recycling Industry for Overhead and Slip & Fall Hazards

The Ontario Ministry of Labour is planning a first time ever massive safety review of the waste and recycling industry later this year. A team of inspectors will be looking at the use of cranes and other overhead devices along with slip and fall hazards.

It’s a bit of a mystery why they’ve waited this long to target this growing industry which, by its very nature, features a great potential for workplace as well as public hazards of this type. You may encounter anything from papers to plastics to metal scraps and your safety will all depend on the processes and procedures that a business has put into place to store and deal with those materials.

It may be somewhat late but the recent announcement underscores the significance of slip and fall hazards in the workplace as well as to the public. Many recycling facilities are open to the public, where people can drive in their waste materials and the upcoming safety review recognizes the importance of maintaining not only vehicular safety but also that of pedestrians at these facilities.

Slip and Fall is No Joke

Tripping and falling can cause serious injury. You shouldn’t have to risk your health and well-being at work or as a member of the public simply attending a public facility. It’s good to know that the government is dealing with the issue as best they can but in the end it will all depend on individual facilities to comply with any regulations or guidelines.

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