Driving on Ice

This year’s wicked weather has been responsible for more than its fair share of car accidents. From flash flooding to snowstorms to the giant ice storm that crippled the city of Toronto and the GTA for the holiday season, Mother Nature seems to be throwing us everything she’s got.

The recent ice storm claimed the lives of two men in Ontario and Quebec and more south of the border as it turned roads into skating rinks and caused innumerable motor vehicle accidents.

Driving On Ice

Yes, we face it every winter and perhaps it’s a form of denial that winter seems to take many of us by surprise each year, but the start of winter driving conditions usually means more accidents. It seems like a timely occasion for ice driving tips:

  • Be especially wary and careful at the edge of the road, in a tunnel or other area where the sun doesn’t shine to melt the ice
  • Do as little as possible if you feel your car beginning to slide – avoid anything sudden (braking, steering wheel, gas)
  • Take your foot off the gas rather than brake
  • Use low gear if you can
  • Ideally, let the car pass over the patch of ice and simply try to keep the wheel straight
  • Turn the wheel only gently if you see the car drifting one way or another
  • Look for a dry patch and aim for it
  • When it comes to braking:
    • If you have ABS brakes – press down firmly on the pedal and let them do the work
    • Otherwise, pump the brakes gently as you skid
    • Steer the car in the direction you want to go

More than anything else stay calm!

Accidents in Bad Weather

If you’ve been in an accident that was caused by weather conditions, the situation may seem clear to you. But – it may pose a different scenario to an insurance adjuster. They may find you partially or wholly responsible despite what you think is clear evidence.

There are many other considerations which may have impacted the accident, including:

  • Was anybody negligent in removing snow or ice?
  • Did other aspects of the road conditions – an unseen turn, a tree blocking the view – contribute?
  • Tip: take pictures of the conditions

We can help!

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