Do New Insurance Changes Punish Accident Victims?

The Alliance of Community Medical and Rehabilitation Providers recently released a statement condemning recent changes to insurance regulations that they say will punish accident victims. The Alliance charges that the Province has ignored the advice of its own Anti-Fraud Task Force as refusing to consider the input of accident victims and other stakeholders.

These regulatory changes are only the latest in a series of amendments made since 2010 that have served to protect the interests of insurance companies and resulted in record profits. The changes have been justified in the name of preventing fraud by criminal groups but they will affect all claimants.

Among the amendments, accident victims themselves – even those who suffer from brain injuries which affect memory or mental disorders – are responsible for keeping track of their own attendance for treatment and their benefits can be withheld if they can’t provide proof. The Alliance fears that the new provisions will only cause more backlogs of disputed disability claims.

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