Condo Woes: Developer Faces $ 29 million Class-Action Suit over Breach of Contract

You’d literally have to be blind not to know that Toronto’s skyline has been transformed over the last decade or so by a plethora of glassy condo buildings. With the level of construction that’s been maintained for several years now, the recent rash of prominent lawsuits – including a class-action suit against one developer for allegedly failing to deliver on promises of direct subway access – sadly comes as no surprise.

The latest issue has to do with wildly fluctuating water temperatures at a 44-storey Charles Street condo. An irate condo owner has launched a $29 million class-action lawsuit. In the recent filing, the condo owner is calling the developer’s actions negligent and in breach of contract due to the installation of the wrong water valves. It seems like a fairly minor issue but some tenants have allegedly been scalded and the condo owner says that because the developer did not act quickly, he had to spend some $4,000 on repairs to cracked tiles and had the valves replaced himself.

The Contract

A contract, whether it concerns the purchase and sale of a condo or the terms of your employment, is a document that both parties are supposed to rely on to govern all aspects of the transaction. When it comes to a condo, in this case, the issue is whether the developer lived up to the specifications of the units. If the wrong water valves were installed and the result is an unworkable and potentially dangerous situation, then buyers didn’t get what they paid for – a functional bathroom.

The developer in turn insists that they have been working on the problem and are about to implement a condo-wide solution – and are emphatic that no one was scalded because of the valves.

Many observers point to that rush of condo construction in the city but there’s never a legitimate excuse for simply failing to deliver on promised goods, services or conditions of employment. A lawsuit may seem like an extreme solution but often results can begin with negotiations – let us help.

We’re on Your Side

Whether your problem is a developer who takes shortcuts or an employer who short changes their employees, you need someone on your side that can sort through the issues and make sure you receive what you are entitled to. You’ll need the help of experienced breach of contract lawyers.

You only have a limited time to take action. If you think your rights under a contractual agreement are being disregarded contact Petrillo Law today or call us (905) 949-9433 for a free consultation with an experienced contract lawyer.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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