Condo Owners Launch $6.5 Million Lawsuit Alleging Breach of Contract & Other Charges

A group of disgruntled condo owners are taking their grievances to court in the form of a $6.5 million lawsuit against a well-known developer, alleging breach of contract among other issues.

“a community of design-centric buildings” … “drenched in designer details” …

When the marketing brochures came out for Six50 King, a condo project on the stylish King West strip near Bathurst, the hyperbole was effusive. The promises were too – for a luxury property with upscale amenities designed by award-winning Munge Leung.

The problem is – say the condo owners – that Leung didn’t design the building at all. In addition, they allege that both the building (including the individual units as well as common areas) was furnished overall in a “materially different and inferior manner” than those glowing brochures promised.

According to the court filing, the condo owners only discovered last year in 2014 that Munge Leung had not designed the building. The lawsuit claims that his name was used only as a marketing ploy.

Along with breach of contract, the suit alleges,

  • misrepresentation,
  • construction deficiencies and
  • unjust enrichment.

Changing Terms

As some observers have noted, these kinds of issues often arise when condo projects are proposed and even sold years before construction actually takes place. Deals can change and contractor arrangements can fall through.

The Condominium Act is currently under review by the provincial government. There is already a stipulation that developers must give buyers notice of any “material changes” to the agreement, to give buyers an opportunity to back out.

We Can Help

If you sign on the dotted line, you have a right to expect the terms to be exactly what you agreed to – whether a period of time has elapsed between signing and contract fulfillment and whether it involves a purchase, sale or employment agreement. Yes, things can change over time but it doesn’t mean your rights shouldn’t be respected.

The best time to get any contractual issues sorted out is before you sign on the dotted line. Let us help you sort out the issues and any potential conflicts you might encounter, along with any other questions you may have. A full and complete understanding of your employment contract is your best protection against future problems.

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