City of Oshawa Found Liable in Motor Vehicle Accident Appeal

Two Oshawa area sisters recently celebrated a court room victory after their 8-year battle for justice. In 2004, a nasty motor vehicle accident left both of them paraplegics.

The sisters were traveling on an unlit rural road at night in the Lake Scugog area. On seeing headlights coming their way and uncertain of the terrain, they believed the other vehicle was headed straight for them. Panicked, they pulled into the ditch with catastrophic consequences.

After a number of cases and appeals, the Supreme Court of Canada decision established that the City of Oshawa and Scugog were 2/3 liable for the crash due to lack of road markers and failure to post a speed limit.

Road Conditions

The fact that the Court did find the municipalities negligent is an important issue – even if your injuries are nowhere near as severe as those of the two sisters.

  • It’s not only a case of ‘who’s at fault?’ but it’s often important to look at the surrounding conditions which may have played a big role in producing the accident
  • The immediate focus is always the drivers of the vehicles involved in a car vehicle accident, but is there a third party in the background who is responsible for setting up the underlying conditions?

The court ruling sets an important precedent when it comes to responsibility. The sisters in question can now be assured of their ability to live comfortably and in dignity for the rest of their lives.

Let us help you!

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you owe it to yourself to get professional help.

Even if the injury seems minor, you should contact your insurance company and a motor vehicle accident lawyer right away. The severity of soft tissue injuries common to car accidents is often only apparent some time later. Since the time you have to file a suit is limited, you want to be safe rather than sorry.

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