City of Barrie Named in $28 Million Breach of Contract Lawsuit

The City of Barrie is embroiled in a $28 million lawsuit launched by a development company.

At issue is a series of failed talks and plans to develop an old railway property. The dispute has been brewing for months as the relationship between the City of Barrie and a development company has deteriorated, and the lawsuit names breach of contract and bad faith bargaining among its allegations. Most recently in the dispute, the company says a recently released staff report indicates mercury contamination of the property that the City had failed to disclose.

The Issues

The claims made by the contracting company include:

• $4 million for resources it has already invested in the proposal and loss of business opportunity
• $24 million for alleged loss of opportunity and other damages related to future business

The legal dispute is holding up further planning for the lands which are currently publicly owned.

What Are The Damages?

As this case and the amounts claimed illustrate, a big part of the proceedings will involve determining the extent of the losses. As a rule, the court will consider the amount required to put the wronged party in the same situation as if the breach of contract had not occurred, but that can include future work as well as current losses depending on the situation.

How Petrillo Law Can Help

As experienced breach of contract lawyers, we will review the agreement in question to confirm whether the other party has not fulfilled its duties properly. If a breach of contract has occurred, we offer Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services to attempt to settle the matter quickly and in a cost-effective matter. If litigation becomes necessary, we will pursue the matter aggressively on your behalf.

You only have a limited time to take action in a breach of contract case.

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