Car Accidents in the Summer

According to a Statistics Canada report that studied data from the years 2000 to 2004, there’s a spike in car accident fatalities in the summer months. Certainly, recent news in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) would tend to bolster the impression that serious car accidents and summer go hand in hand, including:

  • Life threatening injuries in Mississauga accident
  • A woman sent to hospital after a single vehicle crash in Ajax-Pickering
  • The story that grabbed headlines recently – a woman struck and killed by a police car during a funeral procession

All of these within a week!

On the face of it, you’d assume there would be more fatalities and serious accidents during the winter months when driving can be treacherous due to ice and snow. However experts believe there are a number of factors at play:

  • People actually drive more cautiously in the winter – in the summer when the skies and roads are clear, we let down our guard and lose some of our caution too
  • We’re driving faster in the summer due to favourable road conditions
  • People are driving more – taking those fun road trips and going on outings that we’d shy away from in the ice and snow- we spend more time on the road

Be Cautious at All Times When Driving Your Car

The living may be easier in the summer, but it’s never a good time to relax your safety standards. Always drive with caution because prevention is much better than any cure.

If you are involved in a car accident, the effects to your health may not be immediately obvious. It can take time for doctors to diagnose a car injury properly and determine whether it will lead to a permanent disability. Rather than waiting for this determination to be made and running the risk of losing the right to seek compensation for injuries and lost wages from the at-fault driver, an accident victim should contact a car accident lawyer right away.

We Focus On Car & Motor Vehicle Accidents

Petrillo Law has been providing competent, caring legal advice to car accident victims in Mississauga, Peel Region, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and across Ontario for over 20 years. We can evaluate a case to determine whether it meets the provincial threshold required to start a lawsuit as well as represent injured people who have been denied accident benefits by their own insurance company.

Being injured in a motor vehicle accident is a traumatic event and Petrillo Law has the knowledge and experience to help accident victims receive the benefits and compensation that they are entitled to. We understand what our clients are going through and are ready and willing to look after dealing with the insurance companies so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

We can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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