Car Accident Victims and Compensation for Minor Injuries

Ontario’s auto insurance rules changed in September of 2010. Under the new law, people who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents can have the cost of medical services covered so that they can get the help they need to return to work or school. About 80 percent of people who have been injured in car accidents have injuries like whiplash, sprains or strains. These are called “soft tissue” injuries, and the government provides up to $3,500 to pay for medical care for them.

The problem is that the money to pay for these types of injuries isn’t always enough to cover the cost of medical care. The Ontario Trial Lawyers Association released the results of a survey in February 2012. Most of its members said that they worked with clients who needed to pay far more for medical care than the amount of help offered for minor injuries.

Help to Pay for Medical Bills After an Accident

The rules about how much help an accident victim can get to pay for medical care after a car accident vary, depending on how seriously the person was hurt. If the accident was serious, like the recent crash near Stratford, Ontario which killed 11 people and left three survivors, the limit is set at $1 million per person. Other injuries, which are more serious than a sprain, but which are less severe than one which would leave someone paralyzed, have a limit of $50,000 for medical bills under a standard car insurance policy.

The average person who has been injured in a car accident needs approximately $56,000 in medical treatment to recover from his or her injuries.

Have You Recently Been Hurt in a Car Accident?

A car accident victim may not know the full extent of his or her injuries right away. It can take time for doctors to diagnose a car injury properly and determine whether it will lead to a permanent disability. Rather than waiting for this determination to be made and running the risk of losing the right to seek compensation for injuries and lost wages from the at-fault driver, an accident victim should contact a car accident lawyer right away.

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