Car Accident Adds to Hockey Player’s Woes

Take a major car accident, add competitive hockey and you have a recipe for debilitating and permanent injury. That’s just what a lawsuit by a former OHL player against the OHL organization alleges.

John Chartrand was drafted into the OHL in 2009 at the age of 21. In 2010, he was involved in a serious car accident. His documents describe a concussive injury where he was unconscious for a short period and has to be cut out of the vehicle with the jaws of life.

Officials from his team visited him in the hospital where he was being treated. Chartrand’s court filings say the officials were told that he had to be cleared for a return to play by a concussion specialist.

However, less than ten days later, the team itself cleared him for play. During the very next game, he was again injured and it resulted in a serious brain injury and permanent disability including balance and cognitive impairment, among other symptoms.

While he did go back to work for a period, his career is now over. His case is now before mediation.

The Push Back to Work

This case is definitely extreme but the idea of an employer and/or insurance company pushing injured accident victims back to work before they are ready is hardly – and sadly – unusual. The fact of it is, returning to work too early is harmful to any accident victim.

  • Many times, opinions and reports are sought to prove that you can – reports drafted by “experts” who work primarily for insurance companies.
  • They can bombard you with requests for forms to be filled out, physician’s reports to confirm what they already have and now – you’re constantly under pressure to prove that you can’t return to the job you were doing.
  • The true extent of your injuries may not even be apparent until much after the accident itself.

At the same time, you’re worried about your health, your healing process and now your finances and your job too.

We can help

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