Car Accident a Reminder Not to Take Road Safety for Granted

A major car accident at Bay Street and Lakes Shore Blvd. West earlier this month snarled rush hour traffic and injured 10 in a very graphic reminder that road safety is never something to be taken for granted.

Two vehicles collided with each other and then careened into a group of people standing at an intersection in the middle of the afternoon. According to police statements, one car tried to turn left across two lanes in an illegal – but common – manoeuvre. Six pedestrians were injured.

While one of the drivers was performing an illegal move, police also point to pedestrian safety as an ongoing issue in the area. The crosswalk has recently been installed with a countdown type pedestrian signal. According to the Ministry of Transportation driver handbook, “A pedestrian facing a flashing or steady hand symbol should not begin to cross the road.” However, that’s seldom how it’s interpreted in real life.

  • Pedestrians walking along areas with heavy traffic need to be aware of their surroundings all the time. Don’t assume that a sidewalk or crosswalk means that you’re always going to be safe.
  • Drivers also need to be aware. Illegal manoeuvres, cutting across lanes, last minute turns – these are all pretty common on the busy on and off ramps into a city like Toronto, or as you come on and off a highway. It’s an area where you want to be especially aware.
  • Construction may also be a factor in reducing visibility for both drivers and pedestrians.

In Case of An Accident…

Car accident cases can get very complex. There may also be other issues at play, like inadequate lighting or visibility, poor signage or other factors that can contribute to a motor vehicle accident. Not only can the issues get complicated, but there is also the fact that you only have a limited time to make a claim.

  • Remember that injuries may not present themselves right away, especially the soft tissue injuries that often result from motor vehicle accidents.

You need to contact a lawyer right away if you have been involved in a car accident. Your own legal representation will ensure that your interests are considered in any final arrangement.

We Can Help

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