Breach of contract issues play a role in the safety of Torontonians, according to a recent news report

The number of EMS personnel, corresponding equipment and other elements has not kept pace with the city of Toronto’s growth. In the last decade, the number of ambulances on the road has actually dropped slightly. The Toronto Fire Services (TFS) has five fewer emergency response vehicles on the road than it did in 1998. In comparison, over the five year period from 2006 to 2011 alone, Toronto grew by 100,000 people.

Breach of contract comes into the picture in the form of an issue that’s currently under arbitration between the TFS and city council. Once the TFS personnel roster reaches a level where there are 40 vacant positions, recruitment procedures are contractually required to kick in automatically. At the moment, there are 116 firefighter positions left vacant – and recruitment has yet to begin.

At Issue

The terms of an employment contract, whether it’s an individual contract or a collective one, as in this case, may revolve around many issues. The number of firefighters as a ratio of the general population may affect a wide range of issues including overtime requests and mandatory overtime, worker safety and public safety.

Your Employment Contract

You’ve negotiated your employment contract for any number of good reasons and they’re all important. If you feel your employer has neglected to follow through on their side of the obligations in any way, you owe it to yourself to get the best advice.

What is Breach of Contract?

A breach of contract occurs when one of the persons who entered into the contract (which can be oral or in writing) fails to do or perform the duties required under the agreement. In most such instances, the wronged party would have the right to seek compensation.

You only have a limited time to take action in a breach of contract case.

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Prevention is the Best Remedy

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