Breach of Contract in Dismissal Case

The judge is deliberating a case in the Far North involving a claim for breach of contract. Sarah was abruptly terminated from her job as an administrative assistant to the CEO of a mining company and she’s alleging that the matter constitutes a breach of her employment contract.

Sarah was eager at first to leave Toronto and begin a job in another part of the country, but was suddenly fired just over a year later when she hired a lawyer to renegotiate her employment contract. In court, the company's lawyers said the letter from her lawyer "suggested any further relationship between Qulliq and the employee was not possible." (Qulliq is the name of the company.)

Among her accusations are that the company cultivated a culture of conflict and division; she had a history of clashing with the human resources director. She first considered quitting barely three months into the assignment after the company made changes to her salary and pay scales along with her job responsibilities. When even mediation failed to change her relationship to the company, she hired a lawyer to renegotiate her employment contract.

That's when she was fired.

Contractual Obligations
The key point in this case will likely hinge on whether or not the company did indeed change the terms of employment after she’d already started. You negotiate an employment contract for the purpose of ensuring your rights and outlining obligations on both sides. Changing significant matters like pay scale and job responsibilities certainly can constitute a breach of contract.

If you find yourself in that situation, you need the help of experienced breach of contract lawyers

Prevention is the Best Remedy
Better yet - before you sign on the dotted line - if you're in the process or thinking of entering into a contract whether it involves a sale or employment, contact our experienced breach of contract lawyers for advice. Clarity on the issues covered by a contract is your key to understanding your rights. 

Legal Remedies
You only have a limited time to take action in a breach of contract case. If you think your rights under a contractual agreement are being disregarded contact Petrillo Law today for a free consultation.

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