Auto and Disability Insurance Industry Practices Under Scrutiny

The Ontario Standing Committee on General Government has initiated a study into auto insurance industry practices and trends. The Committee is listening to a string of auto industry, insurance, healthcare and other expert witnesses who have been discussing the way the industry works in general.

What About Accident Victims?

As a recent newspaper article points out however, the one voice that’s missing from the discussion is that of accident victims. The article lists examples of disconcerting if not uncommon features in the way that insurance companies tend to deal with disability benefits.

Many auto insurance companies rely on “expert” medical opinions in order to decide whether to issue, continue or discontinue benefits. At issue is the fact that the medical experts in question are often given by people whose main source of income lies in giving those opinions to insurance companies – psychologists and other medical practitioners who actually rarely or even never see real patients themselves.

In practice, companies often stick to those opinions when they’re favourable to their cause – i.e. in denying or limiting benefits – even in the face of concrete evidence to the contrary. It’s only one of many common practices that can complicate the whole process of applying for and obtaining your rightful disability benefits.

We Can Help Protect Your Interests

At Petrillo Law, we understand how important it is to obtain accurate medical opinions and sufficient proof when it comes to disability insurance claims, and we’ll work hard to establish the true extent of your injuries and disability from the outset.

If you’ve suffered a disability as a result of an injury, disease or mental health condition, legal representation ensures your rights are taken into account. We can help you to deal with insurance companies, and you need the expert advice we can give you to help negotiate your way through the process and work towards the best possible outcome.

Get the Legal Representation You Need

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