Disability Insurance Lawyers

If premiums for a Long Term Disability (LTD) policy have been paid as agreed, policyholders assume that when they need to make a claim the insurance company will pay out forthwith. When the insurance company denies one of these types of claims, it makes an already difficult situation even more stressful. At a time like this, you need advice you can count on from an experienced and proven disability insurance lawyer.

Common Causes of Long Term Disability


Long term disability claims can result from an injury or a disease. Mental health issues can also render a person unable to work in his or her usual occupation. Cancer, a heart attack or diabetes are common causes of long term disability. People living with chronic diseases like arthritis, fibromyalgia and back pain may also become disabled.

Types of Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability coverage may be offered as part of an employer’s group benefit plan. Some people choose to buy an individual Long Term Disability policy. Canada Pension Plan (CPP) also offers disability benefits to people who have paid into it over the years. Critical illness insurance is set up to pay a benefit if the policyholder has been diagnosed with one of the medical conditions covered by the policy. Mortgage disability insurance pays out a benefit equal to the policyholder’s mortgage payment if he or she is unable to work.

What You Need to Know About Long Term Disability


While most people understand the importance of having life insurance coverage in place, disability touches a great many people and having Long Term Disability insurance should be part of an overall financial plan.

Help With your Long Term Disability Claim

If you have made a claim under your LTD policy and have been turned down, you do have recourse. Many claimants are turned down initially only to have the insurance company pay out as stated in the policy on appeal or as directed by a judge. Long Term Disability insurance is supposed to provide some financial security and peace of mind to people who are unable to work for due to a medical condition.

At Petrillo Law, we understand that you are not only dealing with your health issues, but you are also concerned with being able to meet your financial obligations. If you qualify for Long Term Disability and your insurance company is denying your claim, you need sound and proven legal representation. Petrillo Law can help. We are experienced disability lawyers who have been able to obtain favourable results for hundreds of disabled clients across Mississauga, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Ontario.

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