Commercial & Residential Real Estate Lawyers

realestate-1Are you planning to buy or sell a home or a commercial property in Mississauga or the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)?

A real estate deal is likely to be the largest financial transaction you will be involved in during your lifetime. With so much at stake, you want an experienced real estate lawyer looking after all the legal details to ensure that the closing can be completed without any undue delays.

Petrillo Law should be your first choice when looking for a real estate lawyer in Mississauga. We live in the area and are very familiar with the local market. This familiarity means we can handle your real estate deal with confidence. Whether you are a first-time buyer, an empty-nester looking to downsize or an investor interested in purchasing a commercial property, you can trust the legal details to Petrillo Law.

Dedicated Real Estate Specialist

Our firm has a full-time real estate specialist as part of our team. As a full-service law firm, Petrillo Law can offer our commercial real estate clients the benefit of our Corporate Commercial Department in addition to our Real Estate services, as required.

How We Work

When you retain Petrillo Law as your Real estate law firm, you can be assured of the following:

  • Your real estate deal will be handled in a timely manner.
  • All client funds will be held in trust until released to the appropriate party.
  • You will receive a complete and detailed accounting of how all funds related to your deal were handled throughout.
  • Legal advice will be provided and explanations given on the large volume of paperwork involved in the real estate transaction.
  • You will have direct access to your lawyer when you have questions. Our clients are never directed to the clerk for legal advice.
  • Your interests are always protected. We work hard to identify and bring to your attention any issues regarding your real estate deal.
  • We charge competitive fees for our services. Once they are agreed to for a real estate deal they do not change, even if complications arise later on during the course of preparing for a closing.

We Understand your Concerns about Real Estate Fraud

When undertaking such a major purchase as a home or a commercial property, it’s natural to be concerned with issues like fraud, especially when it has been the focus of media attention. We know that this is an issue that continues to plague the real estate community in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto area. Its detrimental effects have had an impact on everyone, from buyers, sellers, real estate professionals to lawyers.

At Petrillo Law, we have taken steps to combat this problem by assembling a team of dedicated professionals who focus solely on Real Estate services. As a result, our clients receive the highest level of service and professionalism, as well as protection and the latest advice based on the best information available from the legal and real estate communities. We invest in ongoing education and skills development in order to remain at the forefront of our field and to satisfy our goal of being the best real estate lawyers possible for our valued clients. Are you ready to Buy or Sell Residential or Commercial Real Estate in Mississauga or beyond?

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