Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Litigation is at best a time-consuming, expensive and very stressful method of resolving legal disputes. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), also known as mediation and/or arbitration, can help to get both parties working together so that they can come to an agreement which is acceptable to each of them without feeling as though one party has been declared the winner at trial.

ADR Overview

disability-insurance-3Alternative Dispute Resolution is a different process than going to court. Rather than using an adversarial system to resolve an issue, it involves having both parties sit down with a mediator to identify the issues and try to find some common ground.

The mediator is not acting “for” either party; instead he or she remains neutral and facilitates a discussion. When mediation is conducted properly, both parties come away from the experience feeling that they got at least some, if not all of what they were trying to achieve.

Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution

The main benefit to mediation is cost. Preparing for and attending a trial requires a considerable expenditure in time and money. Litigation is still an option for situations where the ADR process is not successful and each party can retain a lawyer to act on his or her behalf. 


Parties who choose ADR are able to retain some control over the situation. They choose a mediator to work with and the number of sessions they will attend. Going to trial means handing over control to a judge who will make a ruling based on the facts of the case and the law.

ADR has the distinct advantage of being private and discreet. A trial is a public event and the judge’s decision is a matter of public record. 

Petrillo Law and ADR

Petrillo Law is one of the leading ADR firms in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We have worked with and resolved hundreds of conflict resolution cases, helping clients to save time and avoid costly litigation. Our legal team has completed the Harvard Law School training program in negotiation techniques. Mr. Petrillo has completed Harvard’s mediation workshop.

Petrillo Law has the knowledge and expertise to effectively handle a variety of ADR cases, including:

  • Personal injury claims
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Commercial disputes
  • HR management issues
  • Real estate disputes
  • And more

Learn more about how ADR can help you work toward settling a dispute quickly and fairly.

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