A Labour Dispute

Threatens to add an unwelcome note to the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) revolving around technology and breach of contract issues

Like many other business sectors, the film industry has seen massive technological change over the last decade. At this year’s TIFF, fully 85% of the entries are digital rather than on film, and that has caused a change in the Festival’s processes.

Before the movies can be screened, someone has to check it for physical damage and make sure that the sound track and trailers are set up properly, among other things. That position is known as a ‘revisor’.


This year, for the first time, TIFF has outsourced some of that revising work to another company, a move that has resulted in fewer hours for its own in-house staff – and that’s what has got them hitting the picket lines.

The staff revisors say the outsourcing constitutes a breach of contract; revising work should be done by the revisors already under contract, in other words. TIFF and the company it hired, Deluxe Entertainment, insist that the Festival itself doesn’t have the technology or resources to do the job as it exists in today’s digital world.

Many people may find themselves in a similar situation, where changing technology changes the working landscape. The TIFF contractors are represented by a union – you may only have an employment contract but with our help, we can make sure your rights are considered too.

Your Employment Contract

You’ve negotiated your employment contract for any number of good reasons and they’re all important. If you feel your employer has neglected to follow through on their side of the obligations in any way, you owe it to yourself to get the best advice.

You only have a limited time to take action in a breach of contract case. If you think your rights under a contractual agreement are being disregarded contact Petrillo Law today for a free consultation with an experienced contract lawyer. We look forward to hearing from you.

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